Mission Statement: To help relieve suffering, using the best and most effective techniques available to us. To foster a view of one’s life as a cohesive whole, rather than as a collection of disparate pieces. To encourage individuals to deepen their relationship with the Spirit. My Philosophy: Attaining good health is similar to a crossword […]

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At Stonewater Health, we have many safe, time-honored techniques available to help our patients. Working together, we will find the best technique or combination of techniques for you. Here are some of the methods we may suggest: Classical Acupuncture Korean Hand Therapy SuJok Auricular Medicine Acutonics Trigger Point Therapy Reflexology Touch For Health Chinese and […]

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Our Core Values: We believe in treating all people with dignity. Our relationship with you will be governed by respect, sensitivity, and utmost confidentiality. We believe you must be the impetus for your own healing process! We will assist you as you discover how to achieve your own wellness. We believe in your connectedness to […]

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