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Our Core Values:

  • We believe in treating all people with dignity. Our relationship with you will be governed by respect, sensitivity, and utmost confidentiality.
  • We believe you must be the impetus for your own healing process! We will assist you as you discover how to achieve your own wellness.
  • We believe in your connectedness to the Spirit, which aids in your healing process.

How do you feel?

Are you tired, achey, just not yourself lately? Have you injured yourself or have a pain that just won’t go away? Are you active, but need some extra support to help you achieve better results?

Sometimes others see things that you don’t see in yourself. We can work together with you to identify the source or sources of your imbalance, and find treatments that will help.

Preventive Medicine is big news these days, but do you really understand how your posture, nutrition and lifestyle actually contribute to symptom and disease prevention? We will work together with you to find those areas which need improvement.

Conventional and Alternative Styles:

Have you been diagnosed with a specific condition or disease? We can work alongside your Physician or Physicians to help alleviate symptoms, and promote healing and well-being.

Depending on your health and history, we may recommend tests to uncover Nutritional, Chemical and Hormonal Imbalances, Postural Deficiencies, and other key areas which may be corrected simply or lead to further evaluation and treatment.

We have a team of trusted Associates, and choices of both conventional and alternative tools and protocols, to help you achieve your goals.

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